A Frequently asked question regarding vehicle livery?

How much does it cost to add my company logo/branding to my vehicle? This can depend on many factors including...

  1. Size and type of van
  2. How many vehicles in the fleet
  3. Design time
  4. How much vinyl coverage (from full warp or simply a company logo and contact details)
  5. Fitting time

To help in trying to answer some of these questions we have come up with a very simple pricing guide which I am sure will be helpful when setting your marketing budgets. For further information and to discuss your car/van/fleet requirements in greater details please call our sales team on 01449 723346 or email info@hudsongroupltd.co.uk

Examples of our previous work which is updated on a weekly basis please visit this page on our website http://hudsongroupltd.co.uk/se...

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